Auto Moving – general tips and advice

When planning vehicle relocation, have in mind that you will have to take care of your car shipping needs as much as you would with any other of your dear belongings. Even when you’re car will not be adding the miles and the car relocation company will know what to do; you should prepare it so that it will be in excellent shape to endure the journey it is about to experience. Therefore, begin drawing out the logistics for your auto moving as early in the game as possible.

Whether you have hired a professional relocation company to take care of the entire moving logistics, or you are doing it on your own and then hiring a vehicle relocation and transport company for your auto moving, the first thing you need to do is to take your car for a complete, professional check up test. This should done few days prior to the transport of your automobile. Make sure the test will assess the state of the tires, radiator, brakes, car fluids and battery; should anything need to fix, have it taken care before your car is shipped. Consider doing this check up only if you are truly qualified in the area, do not take chances other wise. Car shipping should be undertaken in a responsible manner if you want your car to arrive in excellent conditions.

The next thing on your auto-moving list should be to thoroughly wash your car and assess its visual condition before shipping it. This should take place a day or two before the vehicle relocation and Transport Company comes to take the car. Remove all objects that may shift away during the car shipping like garbage bins and children’s seats.

Things To Do

Likewise, take out of the car any valuables that you may have inside (media equipment, personal effects, etc). Before the relocation company loads your auto, retract all mirrors, antennas and objects that stick out from the surface of the car, so they will not brake or cause any external damage to other vehicles and people.

Now that your car is ready to load and the actual auto moving is about to take place, do a last time check up of its exterior and interior together with one of the movers from the relocation company. Make sure you will able to tell if any physical damage has caused to your vehicle during its transport. In a similar manner, revise once more the car shipping agreement you have closed with the vehicle relocation company. Now is the time for any last minute add-ons and fixing of the contract’s clauses.

While your car is being loaded into the vehicle relocation company’s truck.  Ask for the contact number of the employee in charge of transporting your car. Most companies dealing with auto moving logistics will be glad to provide you with the driver’s contact number. In any case, always keep in touch with the relocation company to know about the progress of your car shipping.