Insurance coverage when renting a truck

One of the most important things to check out when renting a truck for self-moving relocation purposes is the Insurance coverage you actually have and how does it cover you and the moving truck. The best way to do this is to divide this task in to two major fields of action and research: the insurance coverage policy of your personal auto insurance, and the possible insurance coverage and insurance policies of the moving trucks rental company.

Although you may count with personal auto insurance. It may neither cover you nor moving trucks rental while you are driving  vehicle truck that’s not registered in policy. Read your auto insurance policy and contact your auto insurance company . Check to verify the kind of coverage you are currently receiving from them. If the insurance policy from your auto insurance does not cover you while driving a moving truck rental, ask for the possibility of paying an extra fee for your own coverage.

Most auto insurance companies do not offer this kind of coverage. But for additional fee to standard premium insurance, they will  happy to cover you and renting property for determined period.

Moving Trucks Insurance

The moving truck insurance coverage may differen in  issue. It may happen that your personal auto insurance will not able to completely cover all aspects of standard auto insurance . But at least they will be able to insure it at a basic level.

On the other hand, moving truck rental company should able to provide you some kind of moving trucks insurance coverage. Ask moving truck rental company about this option. Inquire as much on subject as you think it is necessary . Try to make sure you understand how much insurance will cover and under what circumstances. Before you commit to an insurance deal, it is important you thoroughly read insurance policy. Before handed out to you by the moving trucks rental company and positively agree to and understand all insurance policies contained in it.

Whether you settle down for personal and moving truck insurance coverage from your personal auto insurance company  or from moving trucks rental company. Make sure , if it is not already part of package, roadside assistance and towing services as part of  deal.